• Computer Repairs Brisbane

  • Laptop Computer Repairs

    It does not matter if it is software or hardware, we know how to identify the causes of issues. The worst case scenario for software is that the product will require reinstallation or updating. Many times a problem that may look like software turns out to be caused by a dying hard drive or bad memory (RAM). We have parts which can swap in and out of your devices to isolate the issue and then quote for repair. We offer laptop repairs, computer repairs and other electronic device repairs such as a tablet or phone. We can even fix, upgrade and clean gaming consoles like the PS4 and Xbox.

    Maybe you dropped your device and you want something obvious like a screen replacement. Just put the model number into our contact form and we can reply with a quote. 

  • No Extra Charges

    We always contact our clients before we go a head with purchasing any parts or extra work on devices. Once we explain the options our clients can then decide what they would like to do. Sometimes the device is just too old and we recommend writing it off and buying a new device. It all depends on the cost of repair and how good the specifications are of the device. 

  • Help with Absolutely Anything

    Over the years we have seen many different problems. This has allowed us to get to the point were we are capable of solving any problem with any device. So please if you have a device which you could get some use out of, get a quote to have it repaired. After we have worked on a device it will nearly always beat factory speed because we know how to tweak out settings for the best possible performance.