• Why Us

  • IT Consultants

    Fury IT started as a business which sold high performance gaming systems while Ryan and Phil were at University. The systems were designed to get the highest possible frames per second for competitive eSports players. The knowledge required to get every ounce of performance from a computer has translated across all other requirements of devices. Ultimately high work output by a computer system is the same across all forms. This has now translated into quality IT Consulting.

  • A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

    Over time both Ryan and Phil gained industry experience in programming, IT management and telecommunications. Ryan has managed many technical teams with large business networks (1000+ devices). Phil's time with Telstra has allowed him to gain invaluable experience around networking and internet services. This is how we can offer a better quality service to home and business users.

  • Better Coverage

    Because our experiences differ, this allows us to cover all technology requirements. We can support all small to medium businesses in what they require. We are a mobile business to ensure that you get the best quality service but are also very skilled at operating remotely which can lower costs. 

  • Cost

    We dont carry stock or take on large risky purchases, we keep our costs to a minimum and this allows us to offer great competitive prices to our clients. We may not be totally the cheapest but we stand by our service as the best value. Fury IT has been operating over 10 years and we still have clients who call after years of no problems. We can offer quality IT Consultants at a cheaper rate.