• Managed IT Services & IT Consulting

  • IT Consulting

    By offering IT Consulting, we ask our clients to please run any technology purchases through us to ensure that they are getting what they want and at the right price. We don’t hold stock or have any brand affiliation, we will always get the best deal available at the time. We know where to look for the best deals and keep our eye on price movements at all times. This allows us to source desktops, laptops, tablets and phones at great prices.

    We always suggest the best aftermarket inclusions to these devices to ensure they operate at peak performance. Adding in a solid state drive or more RAM at the time of purchase can make a big performance different to your device. Phone calls and emails are free - so why not at least ask and see if we can offer a better deal with much better after sales support?

  • Managed IT Services

    Fury IT can provide your business the benefit of an in-house IT department without the cost. For a fixed monthly fee we can ensure that we identify problems before they arise and affect your productivity. Our Managed IT Support plans provide your with a set number of hours and a discounted rate if a major problem arises.

    We use the set hours to go over each of your devices on a set schedule to ensure they are operating at peak performance. Any malware or issues are caught before they become a problem.

  • IT Service and Tech Support

    Preventative maintenance is important to ensure that your business never experiences a critical failure. By routinely and systematically performing inspections on all your hardware and services we can ensure that problems are caught before they are an issue for your business. It will also keep your business systems and services running at full performance.

  • Data Protection

    Do you know how to ensure your data is safe? Either through a Managed IT Support plan or a once off consultation we can examine your backups and check that everything is OK. We will also recommend any changes as they are needed. 

  • Security

    By having a Managed IT Support plan or engaging Fury IT to complete regular maintenance on your devices you can extend the life of your systems and equipment. Preventative maintenance allows us to ensure that your devices are malware free which increases performance. We also are able to apply security and performance updates or patches which helps to keep out unwanted intruders. All of this ensures that your business has high performing reliable technology.