• Network and Internet Services

  • Network Support

    Through our Network Support service we can supply, upgrade and/or install switches, routers and other active network equipment as you require. Its best to get a site assessment before going a head with any purchases. Is your current network running slowly? How is the performance of your server? Do you have any network storage? There is a good chance that things are not setup correctly or you have a bottleneck in your network.

  • Internet

    We can organise, setup and install internet services which ensure you get the best deal without any hassle. We have many years experience in tweaking our phone lines to achieve the best possible connection speeds. Lately we have been connecting many properties to the NBN and can liaise with your chosen ISP for you to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Many times ISPs do not have people who can troubleshoot or identify problems effectively. Always consider checking what services are available at a potential property before relocation. 

    Our residential clients have many varying issues from poor line quality to wireless issues in their house. We can install additional WAPs to ensure their are no wireless black spots in your home or business. Ultimately we know how to get the best possible setup for you and can advise on what you should aim for in the future.

  • Predictable Costs 24/7

    All networking and internet services can be quoted at a fixed price. However a site assessment must be made first which is free with a standard call out. We almost always save our clients money by recommending a better, cheaper product from a different internet service provider. 

  • Ramped-Up Productivity

    Most of the time any bottlenecks within a home or business are related to the speed of the network or the speed of the internet. Tweaking out your network and internet to get the best possible speed will increase your productivity and just make your experience more pleasant when trying to use your devices. More and more software and services all require internet connections so this is only going to grow into the future. 

  • We Are Always Available

    To ensure that our clients are not impacted we can schedule network or internet upgrades for after work hours or weekends. We understand that losing connection during business hours can be very frustrating.

  • Tailored Packages

    We dont hold onto any stock or have any affiliations with any brands. We will assess what is the best option for your needs and advise what is the best way to ensure your network is operating at is best potential.