• Maintenance

  • Virus Removal, Spyware or Malware Clean Up

    Regardless of a Managed IT Support plan or a single engagement, maintenance is the key to keeping your devices operating at their peak performance. All devices slow down over time because they fill up with extra temporary files, malware, spyware and unwanted or unused programs. This is why we recommend that all devices are serviced yearly which allows us to bring them back to better than factory performance with all the latest updates and patches. Completing virus removal also protects your personal information from unwanted identity theft. 

    If you share a device in a large household and it is used a lot, the time frame might need to be even shorted. If you only use the device rarely, you might be able to move this out slightly. In the end, a slow device can be very frustrating and a considerably productivity decrease for businesses.

  • Managed IT Support

    Fury IT can provide your business the benefit of an in-house IT department without the cost. For a fixed monthly fee we can ensure that we identify problems before they arise and affect your productivity. Our Managed IT Support plans provide your with a set number of hours and a discounted rate if a major problem arises.

    We use the set hours to go over each of your devices on a set schedule to ensure they are operating at peak performance. Any malware or issues are caught before they become a problem.